1.14.24: Ubuntu upgraded to Kernel

FromLinus Torvalds <>
DateSun, 27 Aug 2023 15:14:15 -0700
SubjectLinux 6.5
So nothing particularly odd or scary happened this last week, so there
is no excuse to delay the 6.5 release.

I still have this nagging feeling that a lot of people are on vacation
and that things have been quiet partly due to that. But this release
has been going smoothly, so that's probably just me being paranoid.
The biggest patches this last week were literally just to our

The shortlog below is obviously not the 6.5 release log, it's purely
just the last week since rc7.

Anyway, this obviously means that the merge window for 6.6 starts
tomorrow. I already have ~20 pull requests pending and ready to go,
but before we start the next merge frenzy, please give this final
release one last round of testing, ok?