My career

My career starts in the early 1980s when I was in high school, and it meanders through 40+ years of technology.  This section contains what I have done in various areas of engineering and programming.  Projects that were completed and code that was written along with solutions.  Many of these solutions helped vendors develop and implement better technology.   I have been moving away from tinkering with hardware and more into website development along with learning more about the components of the WordPress servers using LAMP:  Linux, Apache, MySQL or MariaDB along with PHP.    Building a web server required a security system to protect the virtual sites using the Fortinet 60E firewall configuration.    I started a new project on streaming instead of cable.  

My biggest project at Americorp Financial.

My data center writeup for the HP Blade technology

 Virtualization their network and migrate from physical servers to a HP Blade Center.  The write-up was created in 2011-2012 using methodologies from my B.EE along with studies of the CCDA.   It started with a list of what management wanted in the design.   Their list was over twenty-five items.  Research was done based on what was possible, what could be done at a high cost and what was impractical to do based on our budget and other constraints. The main problem with the Cisco and HPE design best practice is they scale up.  Because of the budget constraints and size of Americorp Financial, required a design to scale down.  The budget constraints made designing an extreme challenge.  Some of the links could be broken.  It was the presentation I gave to the CFO on implementing the data center project.

Fixing Excel and T-Value

=(PMT(B33/360*365/12,60,-B16))*0.998317 is the formula Excel and T-Value match within a penny. 

One of the things that I needed to solve was how to get my project numbers to match in Excel and T-Value.  I found that PMT was always off from T-Value so I applied mathematical concepts to solve for a skew factor that fixed the issue.