This is my data center located in the man cave at my house. The Fortinet 60E firewall is on the top shelf.  The second shelf has my HP DL360e server.  It hosts my web sites and virtual servers.   I have VMWare 6 Essentials Kit as the hypervisor.  The tapes for my three LTO 4 tape drives are on it.   

This is a close up of the VEEAM 11a backup server.  It has several Western Digital Black drives for disk backup.   The large workstation holds the two SAS LTO 4 and one SCSI LTO 4 tape drives.  Three LTO 4 tape drives are used to backup and restore from three sets of tapes.  

This was my old EE Lab.  9 Arduino devices and one Raspberry Pi.   All of the devices were connected across the I2C bus.  This allowed communication across devices. 

The new and improved STEM lab.

You can see move of this at the sister site STEM.  My lab has grow in size and complexity.  Now, our 5 and 8 year old children help build circuit.   You can find out more by clicking on STEM.