I am starting to take everything I wrote and C# and Python and creating it in the other language

I have been writing code since Basic and Advanced Basic on my IBM XT. I have used Pascal to import CSV files into FoxPro. I wrote a program to take a data file, convert the data into the proper format to import. I have written databases from scratch in Pascal. I have worked with DBase and Microsoft SQL. My knowledge of coding and advanced mathematics from my B.EE has allowed me to write better Crystal Reports formulas. I created my own trouble ticket system for Americorp Financial, LLC. I started working with C# and CSS to redesign this web page. So far this project has been a success. My web site works on my smart phone to my 28″ monitor.

My programming knowledge helps our vendors develop fixes and enhancements to their software. I am able to flow chart my enhancement requests and develop the procedures to code them. My knowledge of mathematics and computer programming allows me to write better algorithms and tighter code. I hate spaghetti code and sloppy programming. I despise bloatware. Everyone thinks 64-bit Office is needed. How much more bloatware can they add to it. Adobe did it right with Photoshop. 64-bit for processing photos and 32-bit for everything else. Allow more resources for processing. I keep telling HP and Microsoft we need 128-bit for WIndows Server, SQL and Exchange only. Keep everything else 32-bit.

I want to better understand how to proper applications from threats.  I use a Fortinet 60E Firewall with IPS, DoS, WAF and other protections enabled.  I syslog everything.  Much of the Cyber Security Coder series was on best practices, logging, hashing and salting, encryption, and many other things.   They talked about mobile, desktop, IoT and web apps.  They covered php, python, and other langauges.