Well, I have been on WordPress for a year or so.   Visit my Linux and Ubuntu pages for this journey of building my own WP servers at home.   It does make it faster to build and organize pages.  

I settled on Struct from CSSIgniter.com for my theme.   I installed Elementor to build pages.   I added Conditional Menus to customize the menus on each page.   This allows for each page to have different menus at the top.  
I added in some other plugins for stuff. 

Elementor has made fixes to play nice.   Some quirky things are on the new page screen picking the template and page parent.   The template Elementor Full Width comes up.   It can take about 30 seconds to a minute for the parent page drop down on page attributes to show up.    Elementor made it easy to create picture galleries for my children.   Adding widgets for different things on each page.  Set font sizes.    Most stuff around.   Copy in my SRG logo at the top.   

I tell newcomers to WP that the hardest thing is finding the theme you want for your page concept.    On my family page, I wanted to create a page month-year and put my children’s photos and links to the videos on the server.   I wanted a picture gallery.   I added Add To Server plugin so I could bring in pictures based on their date since the media center stores by Year then Month only.  

I am up to WP 5.9.x.   Gutenberg is now up and running.    Plugins and version of WP are kept up to date.   I do backup each night when I make a lot of changes to content.   Gutenberg changes how fast I can get Elementor up and running on a new page.   When I leave Elementor the Gutenberg editor shows the page.    I watched tutorials on Gutenberg breaking many editors and themes with editors built in.    My suggestion is once you use an editor for that page keep using it.   If you want to build pages with Gutenberg, be careful.   You don’t want to switch back and forth.