Since I started in 1982,  I am somewhat old school    I use SCSI/SAS tape drives.  I currently have a SCSI HP LTO 4 and  two SAS HP LTO 4 backup drives.   I prefer tape drives because hard drives fail.   In 2020, I replaced the VXA drives with a HP LTO4.   In January 2021, I upgraded my workstation to Windows 10 and moved the Gigabyte setup into the backup workstation under VEEAM. 

Gigabyte P67A-UD4-B3 motherboard
Intel i7 2600K CPU

Four Western Digital Black SATA drives: 1 TB, 2TB and a pair of 4TB

Intel GT NIC gigabit adapter
Windows 7 Pro x64

I am able to get 90-100 MB/s backup speeds to disk across the network.  I created 3 disk repositories

I backup every VM and split them on these repositories.   I added the Windows 7 and 10 backups to VEEAM.   VEEAM Community Version does 10 devices.   I have my Windows workstations tape backup to the LTO 3 drive.   The VMs are split up on two sets of tapes for the LTO 4.   VEEAM Community is free.   It does require a purchase of the VMWare Essentials Kit that is about $600 to start.